At INTRACO, we make it our mission to create lasting value by positioning investee companies for long-term growth. We do this by offering a clear channel of communication for our stakeholders, focusing on capital preservation, responsible investing and transparent corporate governance policies.

Open Communication

We are committed to open communication with all our stakeholders. This includes the dissemination of INTRACO’s financial statements and other price-sensitive information to shareholders through timely announcements via SGXNET. We also provide regular updates through press releases and actively engage with our stakeholders during our annual general meetings.

Capital Preservation

Our goal is to deliver sustainable returns over the long run through the strategic allocation of capital. We achieve this by providing investee companies with the capital and experience they need to reach their full potential. By making our companies stronger, we position them to deliver strong returns in the long term.

Responsible Investing

As strong advocates of sustainability, we seek to deliver long-term positive returns not only in our investments but also in society. By positioning investee companies for the long run, we help create jobs and support the communities in which we operate to give society a better and brighter future.

Transparent Corporate Governance Policies

We believe in delivering transparency and disclosure on all our investments. By adopting corporate governance policies, we assure our investors, investee companies and stakeholders that our business is conducted in a responsible and ethical manner.